Training Courses

Personal Development

What is it that Differentiates Those Who Achieve at the Highest Level from Those Who don’t Seem to Accomplish as Much?  They understand how to use time and focus to create impact.


Sample course titles: The ONE Thing Workshop; The ONE Thing in Action; Personal Perspectives; Intentional Living; Put your dream to the test; Mindfulness & Mastery; Moving from goal to fulfillment; Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. 

Leadership development

One of the first things I learned from my friend John  Maxwell was that "Everything rises and falls on leadership,"   Our families, communities and businesses need leaders.... which means you need to develop the leader within.

Sample course titles: 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth; Becoming a Person of Influence; Leadership Gold; How to be a REAL Success; Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Customized Professional Development

Whether your focus is sales productivity, talent acquisition, time management, goal setting, or financial acumen, we have off the shelf courses designed to quickly impact your productivity and effectiveness... and we can customize training specifically for your organizational needs.  

Sample course titles: Time Management with the 411; Strategic Goal setting; Recruiting & Selecting Talent; Understanding Financials; Understanding KPIs for sales performance; Teamwork & Commitment; How to Holding your people accountable... and have them thank you.